Custom Fire place and FIre pits

The climate in Buffalo NY is very conducive to allowing these features to be used frequently in your outdoor living plan. When deciding whether you should create an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit, it really comes down to which hearth style will better accommodate your needs and surroundings.

An outdoor fireplace is often the focal point of an outdoor living space that is centered on the height and mass of the structure. Typically for warmth, they will easily accommodate a group of 4-6 people. If your backyard is missing a scenic view, a fireplace can be just what is needed to fill an empty space with impressive beauty.

The alternative to an outdoor fireplace is a fire pit. This type of feature will allow your family and guests to gather from every angle of the gas fire pit. This allows for more people to draw nearer for the benefit of warmth.

If you have a unique view from your backyard, you might prefer a fire pit. Fire pits are often placed in an open location, which makes stargazing a fun and relaxing evening activity. These stay low to the ground and will not obstruct any scenic view that may exist on your property.

KD. Professional Landscaping and Snowplowing Buffalo NY specializes in both outdoor fireplaces and fire pits with many material options to choose from. We are also experts in landscape lighting, so we can create the total environment of perfect elegance and functionality for your outdoor living space.

Our experienced team of professionals has over 18 years of experience, and we are here to make sure that your outdoor fireplace or fire pit will be designed and installed to perfection. Contact us today and let our expert design team help your family start making memories with an amazing outdoor fireplace or fire pit that will last a lifetime.